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Neuro-Oncology Care

Our centres offer specialised and comprehensive treatment plans for patients with brain tumours.

We are located in the Harley Street district in central London and we work in partnership with specialist consultants at Queen Square and University College Hospital. Our specialist team has extensive experience in treating benign and malignant brain tumours.

Our Doctors

The Neuro-Oncology Care Team specialises in the management of people living with brain tumours. We have more than 20 years experience in treating benign and malignant brain tumours as well as brain metastases. 


Dr. Paul Mulholland, FRCP, PhD


Dr. Naomi Fersht, FRCR, PhD

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Dr. Michael Kosmin, FRCR, MD


Dr. Diego Ottaviani, MRCP, PhD

Our Locations

Care for patients takes place at a number of sites:

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